A Very Victorian Murder
Saturday 2 February 2019, 7pm to 10pm

Join your guide, Tracy Wise, at the historic Normanby Hall for an interactive exploration of the infamous Whitechapel Murders, Jack The Ripper and the Victorian Fascination with murder and spiritualism.  Magic and storytelling weave together to create a unique evening of entertainment that will take you on a journey into ‘The Abyss’ of 1888 where magic can be murder! Tracy is a member of the British Society of Mystery Entertainers, The Magic Circle and the Society for Storytellers.

Tickets cost £35 per person, which includes a fabulous themed three course dinner.


On Arrival
You will be greeted by a shot to the head by Bloody Mary

Blood Red Tomato & “Arsenic Infused” Basil Soup
Served with a Warm Crusty Bread Roll

Blade Of Braised Beef 
Sliced On To A Stilton Rostie


Oven Baked Beetroot, Brie & Walnut Wellington
Dripping in Sweet Chilli & Tomato Puree

All Served With Freshly Dug Up & Sliced Vegetables & Potatoes

Caught Red Handed With The Banana
Banoffee Torte With A Blood Orange Compote


Freshly Brewed Tea, Coffee & Mints


Praise for ‘A Very Victorian Murder’:

“Storytelling magic at its best”
“Fascinating! An amazing insight and brilliantly entertaining”
“An intriguing take on a well known part of English folklore, perfect blend of magic and storytelling”

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