North Lincolnshire Museums have announced details of the exciting exhibitions coming to Normanby Hall this season.

While exploring the Regency mansion visitors will find a new ‘Fashion is Rubbish’ exhibition in the first-floor costume gallery.

In the UK, 10,000 items of clothing go to landfill every five minutes.

This topical exhibition examines the popularity and environmental cost of the demand for fast fashion, using examples from North Lincolnshire Museums’ costume collection to see what can be done to take fashion more slowly.

Displayed as part of the exhibition are handmade garments by Scunthorpe sewing enthusiast and finalist on The Great British Sewing Bee, Rebecca Grimbleby.

Photograph of Rebecca Grimbleby

The new ‘Fashion is Rubbish’ exhibition features handmade garments by Great British Sewing Bee finalist Rebecca Grimbleby

The display includes two pieces Rebecca made on the show, as well as several garments from her own collection, to show that anyone can have a go at making their own clothes!

A second exhibition, ‘That’s Not My Name’, finds Normanby Hall Artist-in-Residence Tracy Satchwill reflecting on the role and identity of female domestic servants in her first major solo installation.

A selection of films, huge colourful collages and augmented reality combine to create an impressive multi-sensory experience.

Also launching on 4 March is ‘A Misremembered Household’.

In this exhibition, artist Barbara Melling uncovers the hidden life of the hall through the stories of mysterious creatures. These special ‘visitors’ are constructed entirely from scraps of waste materials and objects and can be found throughout the house.

Photograph shows 'The Stitcher', one of the 'visitors' from Barbara Melling's 'A Misremembered Household' exhibition

‘The Stitcher’, one of the ‘visitors’ featuring in Barbara Melling’s ‘A Misremembered Household’ exhibition

Elsewhere across the mansion, newly donated objects will be displayed for the first time, helping visitors piece together the history of the Sheffield family, owners of the estate for more than 400 years.

In the Normanby at War gallery visitors can see the passport and special travel pass held by Sir Berkeley Sheffield’s manservant, Charles Harrison, who accompanied him on the allied mission to Russia during the First World War.

Other wonderful items include The Rev. Sir Robert Sheffield’s beautiful mahogany writing slope and specially adapted chair. Sir Robert held the title of 3rd Baronet for just three weeks before he died, and the slope now sits proudly in the study.

The hall is open between 10am and 4pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in March and daily from 1 April. Entry is included in park admission.

The exhibition programme is made possible by funding from Arts Council England, through the Humber Museums Partnership NPO, of which North Lincolnshire Museums is a partner.

Photograph of Normanby Hall