Frequently asked questions:

For workshops at venues:

How do I complete my booking?

Call us on 01724 296039 to make a booking. You will then receive a resource pack for your chosen workshop with your booking confirmation.

Please sign and return the booking confirmation at least two weeks before the date of your visit. You will receive an invoice after your workshop once final pupil numbers have been confirmed.

Payment is required at least two weeks before the date of your visit.

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What do I need to do to prepare for the visit?

You must undertake a preliminary visit to prepare your own risk assessment of the site.

We can provide additional information about risks related to taught sessions, but does not provide site-specific assessments.

Please phone us to arrange a twilight or weekend visit. You will also have to photocopy worksheets for your class. Bring a set of pencils – we can provide clipboards.

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How many pupils can be accommodated at once?

The maximum number of pupils we can cater for during a session is 36.

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What will happen when we arrive at the venue?

Please arrive in good time for your session – we recommend 15 minutes to allow for toilet breaks. You will be met by a learning assistant and asked to sign in. If you are late, we reserve the right to tailor your sessions, without providing a refund. If you are running late, call 01724 296039 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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How many adults are needed for the visit?

Pupils must be supervised at all times during the visit, including breaks. We recommend a ratio of 1:6 on the site. The history detectives workshop requires a minimum of five adult helpers. You are responsible for the good behaviour of pupils at all times – including respect for the historic environments and objects.

We reserve the right to ask groups to leave if concerned about their behaviour.

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How accessible are the museums?

There is good physical access at North Lincolnshire Museum and improving access at other sites. There is no lift at Baysgarth House or Normanby Hall.

Visitors with mobility difficulties will need assistance climbing the stairs. Please allocate staff for this purpose. There is a lift in the Farming Museum for use by children with mobility difficulties. Please inform our staff of any special needs pupils have, so we can best accommodate your needs.

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What should we do if there’s a fire?

Staff should remain with their groups and await instruction from the museum staff. You should gather and check your pupils when assembled at the safety points. You will be advised of these during the session.

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Where can we have lunch?

Indoor lunch facilities must be booked in advance.

Sometimes we may need to reallocate lunch space at short notice but will endeavour to accommodate your group.

Please leave the room in a fit state for other users. Bins, spray and cloths are provided for your use. We reserve the right to charge a £25 fee if additional cleaning is needed.

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Can we take photos?

You may take photos of your class working after signing a photography permission form.

For conservation reasons, you are not permitted to take photographs of museum displays, objects or interiors. Please refer to the full terms and conditions

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What do I do if we need to cancel?

Phone us as soon as possible! We reserve the right to charge for cancellation if you give us less that 21 days notice.

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Will I get the chance to give feedback?

We strive to provide an excellent service and welcome your comments.

You will be given a short questionnaire to fill in but can also speak to staff running the workshop, or contact 01724 296039.

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Can the workshop be tailored to suit the needs of my class?

Our staff will do all they can to tailor a visit to your needs and meet any requirements. We will also try to meet any specific learning outcomes that you may have. Contact us on 01724 296039 to arrange a pre-visit meeting to discuss any special requirements.

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