We need your help! As many of our visitors will know the much loved Holm Oak tree (also known as the ‘climbing tree’) was damaged during high winds last year. To protect the tree and for the health and safety of our visitors a protective fence was installed.

But that’s not the end of the story! With your help, North Lincolnshire Museum and Normanby Hall Country Park are beginning a project which will celebrate the history of the tree.

Child on Climbing Tree. Photo by Ruth Holt

Child on Climbing Tree. Photo by Ruth Holt

Exploring the tree was a rite of passage for generations of local children and we would love to hear your precious memories to create a series of ‘memory boards’ which will go around the fence.

If you would like to be involved, please send any memories (and pictures – the higher quality the better!*) to our email address: normanby.hall@northlincs.gov.uk and help us to ensure the climbing tree lives on! Thank you.

*If you are able to send pictures, please can you say in the email you give us permission to use these for this project.

Children on the Climbing Tree. Photo by Helen Daniel