We are proud to be staging the Scunthorpe Cancer Research UK Race for Life again on Wednesday 6 June at 7pm. The event last year was a huge success as Normanby Park was transformed into a sea of pink, with women raising vital money for cancer research, while giving their fitness a boost!

Emma Colbourne, Cancer Research UK’s Scunthorpe Event Manager, said: “For those who need some extra encouragement to get moving, Race for Life offers the ultimate motivation…by joining like-minded ladies committed to the cause, local women can unite against a disease that affects us all in some way.”

There are also long term health benefits.

Dr Áine McCarthy, Cancer Research UK’s Senior Science Communications Officer, said: “Signing up to Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is a great opportunity for women looking to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Being regularly active has long-term health benefits, as research shows that even moderate physical activity can help reduce the risk of cancer. Brisk walking counts – anything that gets you warm and a little out of breath.”

Race for Life events are non-competitive and participants can choose to walk, jog or run around the course at Normanby.

Booking is now available. Sign up and make a big difference.

You also join the Facebook event and connect with your fellow runners.