The following tours and talks are available for groups to book. Many are also delivered as part of the years event schedule for individuals to attend. For information on booking a group visit click here.

Tour / Talk Description
Tour of the Hall This tour gives a fascinating insight into the history of the Hall and the Sheffield family, along with information on items on display in the period rooms.
Tour of the Garden This tour looks at the three principles gardens at Normanby – The Victorian Walled Garden, The Secret Garden, and The Sunken Garden, looking at their history, evolution and planting design.
Tour of the Farming Museum The tour of the Farming Museum points out highlights of the collection and relates interesting anecdotes and stories connected to the items and characters featured.
The servant’s trail at Normanby This tour explores the ancillary buildings around the park which were necessary for the smooth running of the ‘big’ house, and the servants that would use them, with information gained from our library of oral histories. This tour can also be self guided. Please visit the gift shop to pick up a leaflet.
Housekeeping through the ages Join the Housekeeper to find out about the roles of servants in country houses like Normanby in the 18th and 19th centuries, and discover the differences between housekeeping now and then.
The Victorian Walled Garden Discover the history of Victorian Walled Gardens, how they worked, and the factors that contributed to their success.
Garden design in Britain – a potted Learn about the major garden design movements through British history and a look at Normanby’s ‘lost’ gardens. We can deliver this talk to you in your community.
‘Victorian Secret’ – the clothes and lifestyle of a Victorian Lady Undress the past, layer by layer, to discover the burden of clothes for the Victorian lady. Costume from the collection can be seen close up, and is used to show the typical attire of the period. This talk looks at the role that clothing played in the Victorian era. Was any of it practical, or was it all a matter of status and attractiveness? Explore the role of a woman, her place in society, and how her clothes symbolised this.
‘Boggins and Plough Jags’ – Folklore in North Lincolnshire Explore why and how various elements of folk life and folklore have managed to survive in North Lincolnshire. From ancient superstitions and ways of life, to the folk traditions we still engage in today. Investigate the local historians and folklorists who endeavoured to record these elements of rural life for posterity.  We can deliver this talk to you in your community.
William Fowler of Winterton: A Georgian Architect and Antiquarian Revealing the life and times of one of North Lincolnshire’s most famous sons. Fowler was a joiner and an architect who worked on buildings throughout Lincolnshire and beyond, including Beverley Minster. He also produced engravings of antiquarian subjects, mainly Roman and Medieval pavements and stained glass. The session also offers an opportunity to take a closer look at examples of Fowler’s work in the Museum’s collection.  We can deliver this talk to you in your community.
Decades of Style A look at the changes in evening wear from the 1840s to the 1970s, using stunning pieces from the costume collection to illustrate. From Victorian balls, through the Flapper jazz era and to 1970s disco, discover how fashion and etiquette have evolved.
Normanby Park: Auxiliary Hospital An insight into Normanby Hall during the First World War. Madeleine Grout, Collections Assistant (Decorative Arts), uses photographs to illustrate life for recovering soldiers at Normanby Hall between 1914 and 1919. Discover the stories of the patients, nurses, staff and family and hear how this event affected the local area.
Formal to Flapper Using an array of items from the costume collection, lifestyles of people from the Victorian period to the 1920s are explored. Events such as Queen Victoria’s mourning for her husband and the First World War defined fashion, and this talk will look into how these types of events affected the clothing of the period. Discover how shocking the 1920s Flapper girl would be to the reserved Victorian lady!
Exercising Self Restraint: A history of corsetry Explore the history of the corset, using examples from North Lincolnshire Museum Service’s collection as well as modern examples. Discover the purpose of the corset, from practicality to vanity, through the ages. Learn about the sort of people who have used corsets historically, up to the present day, and especially the role they played in the life and society of a Victorian woman.
Soldiers in Petticoats: Fashion and the suffragette movement Explore the history of the suffragette movement, and particularly how suffragettes used fashion to emphasise their cause. We will discuss a broad range of points, including the use of particularly feminine styles and symbolism in colours, as well as the companies marketing fashion towards the suffragettes.
Nothing New Here How architecture and furnishings at Normanby have been influenced by history.
Monet’s Garden An illustrated journey discovering the French Impressionist painter’s garden at Giverny.
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