Well done to Normanby Hall Country Park’s Learning Team who have been awarded the prestigious Sandford Award for their heritage education programmes.


Photograph of Helen, one of our Learning Team members

The Sandford Award is the only nationally recognised quality mark for heritage learning and provides independent assurance for heritage sites and services. The six criteria underpinning the award assessment provide a framework for success.

The Sandford Award scheme has been running since1978 and is managed by the Heritage Education Trust in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln.


Staff member dressed in costume

Our Learning Team offer school workshops such as Domestic Staff, Woodland Detectives, Pond Dipping and many others. New this year, the team offered a heritage STEM workshop ‘Axels and Wheels’ and are looking forward to launching their KS2 ‘Bright Ideas! Electricity and Lighting at Normanby Hall’.
Also available are outreach workshops (in schools) and loans boxes. These boxes are packed with handling objects and resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Boxes available include:

• The Three Ages Box (Stone, Bronze and Iron)
• In Living Memory
• Communication
• Mayans, Aztecs and Ancient Civilizations
• Ancient Greeks

For a full list of the boxes available, contact the Arts and Heritage Learning Team.

Items that can be found when taking part in our workshops

For more information, visit https://www.normanbyhall.co.uk/learning/normanby-workshops/ or contact Arts and Heritage Learning on artsandheritagelearning@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 296039.

Children walking along a path to the Walled garden

A housekeeper interacts with a class of students at Normanby Hall Country Park. The Sandford Award logo is on the right side of the picture