New for 2021: Re-display of the period rooms

The ground floor of Normanby Hall has been refurbished and re-displayed to better reflect the use of the rooms during the late Regency period, when the Hall was first built. Use the touchscreens in the rooms to discover more about Regency life, as well as more about the objects in the rooms. When you move to the first floor you can find out about the changes to the Hall that took place at the beginning on the 20th century.

New for 2021: Life Below Stairs

On the first floor, this new gallery illustrates life for the staff at Normanby Hall during the first half of the 20th century. Objects relating to the Normanby Hall servants are displayed alongside their first hand audio accounts on the touchscreen, as well as lots of photographs.

New for 2021: Crafting our Community

On the first floor, this community exhibition explores the new crafting skills that people have obtained during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as crafters that have been sharing their skills with others. It also looks at crafting through the ages, and how crafting can keep our heads healthy as well as our bodies busy.

The International Country House

We traditionally view Normanby Hall as a typical English country house. This exhibition invites you to look again… The Regency period was a time of travel and discovery. As a result, the Hall is bursting with influences from many different cultures. From the architecture to the furnishings, and from the use of items to the techniques used to make them.

Move through the Regency rooms and discover the clues hidden in plain sight. This exhibition is a multicultural celebration. This is not an English Country House. This is an International Country House.

New for 2021: ‘Table to an Unknown Embroiderer’ by Kate Noakes. Designer/Maker Kate Noakes has upcycled a Pembroke tea table with a beautiful inlaid design. It sits in the Drawing Room, the design inspired by the embroidered fire screen that also resides in this room.

Please note that this exhibition closes on 31 October 2021.

International Fashion

Discover the influences of world cultures in fashion past and present in the costume gallery on the first floor. Take a trip around the four corners of the world and explore the materials, techniques and inventions that come from different countries. Items from the costume collection highlight just some of the influences from around the world.

Please note that this exhibition closes on 31 October 2021.

Artists in the Hall

Our displays have been joined by stunning new contemporary artworks. The striking new installations include a grotesque dinner service by London based ceramic artist Lindsey Mendick, curtains by acclaimed Glasgow based designers Timorous Beasties, a chandelier featuring visitors’ faces by Mandy Keating and a new part-sculpture and part-functional furniture Sphinx piece by Canadian artist Ian Kirkpatrick.

We hope to draw attention to some of the overlooked cultural influences found in the designs and decoration at Normanby Hall, and get people of all ages talking about art, decoration and design.

Please note that this exhibition closes on 31 October 2021.

Normanby and the Sheffields

Normanby and the Sheffields in the Entrance Hall sets the scene for a visit through the house, outlining the history of Normanby Hall and its estate. Visitors will also be able to discover the history of the Sheffield family, owners of the house and estate for over 400 years.

On the first floor find out what it was like to work as a servant at the Hall in Life Below Stairs. Including photographs of the servants’ wing which was demolished in 1949, this display will complement the Servants Trail which visitors can follow through the park.

Normanby at War

‘Normanby at War’ explores the period between 1914 and early 1919, when the Sheffield family volunteered Normanby Hall as an Auxiliary Hospital. Here, soldiers convalesced after being treated for injuries received on the front line during the First World War. A ‘hospital book’, kept by the clerk at Normanby Hall revealed a wealth of information about the auxiliary hospital, the patients and the family.

Photographs and autographs of the soldiers are displayed along with two original hospital beds, medical equipment and personal artefacts. Visitors can also explore Normanby Hall’s role in the Second World War, when amphibious tanks were secretly tested on the River Trent at Burton-upon-Stather.

Coming soon…

  • Christmas at Normanby Hall
  • A Misremembered Household: The Hidden Life of Normanby Hall. Artist installation by Barbara Melling: Walker, recycler, litter picker, maker. Opening 4 March 2022.
  • We are also hard at work behind the scenes on a new exhibition for the Costume Gallery on the first floor.
Sphinx from Normanby Hall's International Country House exhibition
Chandelier from the International Country House exhibition
Costume from International Country House exhibition