Normanby Hall offers a selection of wedding day menus and drinks packages to suit your taste and style.

gf) Dish is Gluten Free (gfa) Gluten Free Option Available (v) Vegetarian (va) Vegetarian Option Available (ve) Vegan

Any other dietary options will be catered for upon request.

For more information or to book call 01724 720588 or email

  • Homemade soup, a choice of;
    – Courgette & Brie (gfa) (v)
    – Farmhouse Vegetable (gfa) (v)
    – Broccoli & Stilton Soup (gfa) (v)
    – Leek & Potato (gfa) (v)
    – Carrot & Coriander (gfa) (v)
    – Tomato & Red Pepper Soup (gfa) (v)
    – Other soups available on request
  • Duo of Melon served with mixed Berry Compote (gf) (v)
  • Prawn Marie Rose & Smoked Salmon Platter (gf)
  • Tempura Battered Prawns with Sweet Chilli Dip
  • Chicken Liver Pate, Real Ale Chutney & Toast (gfa) (va)
  • Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad
  • Black Pudding, Garlic & Stilton filled Field Mushrooms (gfa) (va)
  • Roast Silverside of Beef Chasseur & Yorkshire Pudding (gfa)
  • Pork Loin Steak filled with Black Pudding wrapped in Bacon served with a Cranberry & Apple Jus (gfa)
  • Trio of Lincolnshire Sausages with Creamy Mash & Port & Redcurrant Gravy (gfa)
  • Oven Baked Cod Loin with Sundried Tomato, Caper & White Wine Sauce (gf)
  • Lincolnshire Poacher filled Chicken Supreme wrapped in Parma Ham with a Creamy Tomato & Basil Sauce (gf)
  • Garlic & Rosemary marinated Leg of Lamb with Roast Gravy (gfa)
  • Roast Chicken Breast, Pigs in Blankets, Sage & Onion Stuffing with Roast Gravy (gfa)
  • Basil Pesto marinated Salmon Supreme with White Wine Sauce (gf)
  • Root Vegetable, Apricot & Goats Cheese Nut Roast (v)
  • Quorn Mince, Vegetable & Potato Pie (gf) (ve)
  • Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellington (v)
  • Roast Root Vegetable Tartlet (ve)

Choose 2 Vegetables from:- Baton Carrots, Sliced Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower Cheese, Garden Peas, Green beans, Brussel Sprouts, White Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

Choose 2 Potatoes from: – Roasted, Chateau, Dauphinoise, Croquette, Creamy Mash, Parsley Buttered New, Lyonnaise & Duchess

  • New York Cheesecake with a Mixed Berry Compote
  • Homemade warm Chocolate Brownie, Clotted Cream Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce
  • Homemade Sticky Toffee & Walnut Pudding with Custard (ice cream option available)
  • Crème Brulee with Homemade Shortbread Biscuit (gfa)
  • Warm Apple Flan served with Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Homemade Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Homemade Bakewell Tart & Custard
  • Profiteroles Drizzled with White & Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • Gin Soaked Eton Mess (gf)
  • Trio of Desserts:- Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake & Lemon Posset (must be chosen for all Guests)
  • Selection of Cheese & Biscuits (gfa)

Filter Coffee & Mints

Gluten Free 

  • New York Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Torte


  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Exotic Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Root Vegetable, Apricot & Goats Cheese Nut Roast (v)
  • Quorn Mince, Vegetable & Potato Pie (gf) (ve)
  • Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellington (v)
  • Roast Root Vegetable Tartlet (ve)
  • Chilled Melon Fan (gf)
  • Tomato Soup (gf)
  • Chicken Nuggets, Fries & Beans/Peas
  • Sausage, Mash Potato & Peas
  • Fish Fingers, Fries & Beans/Peas
  • Tomato Pasta & Garlic Bread (gfa)
  • Ice Cream Sundae
  • Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce
  • Sausage & Red Onion Chutney (gfa)
  • Bacon & Mushroom (gfa)
  • Vegetarian Sausage (v)

Add Chips or Wedges for £2.00pp

Choose Two Meats

  • Roast Turkey Crown (gfa)
  • Roast Silverside of Beef (gfa)
  • Roast Loin of Pork (gfa)
  • Roast Gammon (gfa)
  • Vegetarian Burger (gfa) (v)

All Served with Coleslaw, Stuffing, Braised Onions, Salad & Roast Potatoes with Sauce Accompaniments


A selection of Cheeses to include:

  • Lincolnshire Poacher, English Cheddar, Wenslydale & Cranberry, French Brie, British Stilton
  • Savoury Cheese Biscuits, Fruit & Celery
  • Smooth Chicken Liver Pate
  • Coarse Country Pate
  • Vegetarian Pate (v)
  • Selection of Breads & Chutneys


  • Meat Feast: – Pepperoni, Chicken Tikka & Spicy Beef
  • Vegetarian: – Tomato, Mushroom, Onion & Peppers
  • Ham & Pineapple
  • Chicken & Sweetcorn
  • Selection of Garlic Bread

Served with Spiral Fries


  • Sandwiches or Open Rolls (gfa) (va)
  • Samosas Meat & Vegetable (v)
  • Southern Fried Chicken Goujons with Dips
  • Homemade Sausage Rolls (gfa)
  • Cheese Rolls (v)
  • Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (v)
  • Ciabatta Pizza (gfa) (va)
  • Onion Bhajis & Mint Yoghurt (v)
  • Quiche Selection (va)
  • Torpedo Prawns & Sweet Chilli Dip
  • Pork Pie or Gala Pie with Chutneys
  • Chicken & Chorizo Skewers (gf)
  • Bacon & Cheese Potato Shells (gf)
  • Plain (gf) (v) or Spiced Wedges (v)


Choose Four Items

Served Warm

  • Mini Pizzas
  • Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls
  • Mini Yorkshire Puddings: Roast Beef & Horseradish Crème Fraiche & Chicken & Redcurrant Marmalade
  • Mini Pies:-Beef & Ale & Chicken & Tarragon
  • Mini Bangers & Mash
  • Mixed Bruschetta
  • Mini Fish & Mushy Pea Rosti
  • Mini Cheeseburger

Served Cold

  • Smooth Pate & Cranberry Crostini
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels
  • Cajun Chicken Vol au Vent
  • Tuna & Cheese Vol au Vent
  • Mini Quiche Selection
  • Cream Cheese & Olive Blini
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