Surrounded by 300 acres of parkland and woodland, Normanby Hall is the perfect Victorian setting for learning outside the classroom. All workshops are 1 hour and 45 minutes unless otherwise stated.



Victorian workshops

Domestic Staff Required


Curriculum links: History

Meet Mrs Harding, housekeeper at the Hall, handle artefacts and see if you have what it takes to become a Victorian domestic servant.


Washday Blues


Curriculum links: History and Science

Dress up in period clothes and use original dolly tubs, mangles and irons to discover what washday was like during the Victorian period.


Rural Life and Times

KS1 & KS2

Curriculum links: History

Discover more about farming during the Victorian period in this hands-on and engaging workshop. Handle real farming equipment and visit our replica farm worker’s cottage.


Photograph of school children holding up a branch to a tree

Pupils have the opportunity to get hands on with nature at Normanby Hall’s outdoor workshops

Art based workshops

Our Secret Garden

KS1 & KS2 (whole day)

Curriculum Links: Art and Science

Enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of our Victorian garden. Develop artistic and teamwork skills to produce a fabric wall hanging to take back to school.


Outdoor workshops

A Bug’s Life / Habitats


Curriculum links: Science

Collect and observe a variety of mini-beasts in the woods and grassland of the Park using scientific equipment. Examine your discoveries and learn more about the need to protect the environment.


Pond Dipping


Curriculum links: Science

Investigate pond habitats by catching, examining and recording mini-beasts in this hands-on workshop.


Woodland Adventure Learning

KS1 & KS2

Curriculum links: Science, Literacy, Numeracy, Art & DT

Join us as we explore the woodland at Normanby Park. Activities include habitat search and find, creative and imaginative crafts, fire making and shelter building.


Stone Age and Early Cultures


Curriculum links: History, Geography, PE, PSHE

Step back in time in the woodland to find out what life was like for Stone Age people. Activities include shelter building, home making and hunter gatherers.


Woodland Detectives


Curriculum links: Science, Geography and Numeracy

Explore sounds and habitats in the woodland of Normanby Park. Be a tree detective and learn about the plants and animals in the woodland habitat in this hands-on interactive workshop.


Photograph of a child looking in a container

Become a woodland detective and meet the fascinating creatures that live at Normanby Hall


Storytelling in the Woodland


Curriculum links: English

Take a journey through our magical woodland. Explore the natural environment and handle artistic creations to spark imagination. Develop communication skills to create stories and share ideas and emotions.


Science in the Garden

KS1 & KS2

Curriculum links: Science

An area of Normanby Park will be set aside for classes of children to conduct many interesting and scientific experiments to learn about soil, growing conditions and plants.

The children will record their observations and use the evidence to present their findings to the rest of the group. This practical workshop is fully hands on; the children will use many gardening tools and scientific instruments and have great fun whilst learning.


Changing Seasons

EYFS and KS1

Curriculum links: Science

Use the beautiful setting of Normanby Hall Country Park for fun activities and songs to teach the children about seasonal changes in Britain. Children will gain an understanding about plant life cycles including growth and decay, with this hands-on workshop.


Normanby Hall Self Guide

All key stages

Curriculum links: Multi curricular links

Dictate your own pupils learning and make use of the varied surroundings. Access to a lunchroom is provided


Photograph of a girl looking through a magnifying glass in the woods at Normanby Hall

There’s so much for pupils to discover in Normanby Hall’s 300 acre grounds

Arts and Heritage Learning offer bespoke workshops to secondary school workshops. For more information or to discuss bookings please email: